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Individual Meetings

Do you have questions or want to discuss your creative contemplative practice privately with John Simon?

If you want to check in during transitional moments or get feedback about meditation experiences as your practice grows, John offers his experience as both a professional fine artist and a practicing meditator to work with you one to one.


Meetings with John take place via your preferred video conference software (skype, google hangouts, etc. ) where you can share drawings and chat face to face.

There are several approaches to working together depending on your experience and interest in:
  • Discovering drawing as an alternate path to sitting meditation by giving attention to your kinesthetic and visual senses. 

  • Practicing sitting meditation as a way to open up creative blocks and allow creativity to flow.

  • Searching for the source of creativity to learn more about where your creativity comes from and what you have to say.

If you would like to find out more, you can click the button below to book a free introductory meeting to chat with John about your goals and interests.

Or use the button below to book a regular meeting:

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