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A practical guidebook that offers meditators an alternative path to ‘just sitting’ and offers artists a way to mindfully examine and deepen the source of their creative ideas.

Blossoming (2018)

Newest software artwork from John F Simon Jr

11 X 14 X 3 inches

Acrylic plastic, Raspberry Pi computer, LED Touch screen, custom software

This new software art edition is inspired by Paul Klee's 1934 painting 'Blossoming', enacting simple rules in complex ways to explore Klee's systematic, modernist approach to color and composition. Returning to his love of time based color studies, Simon now layers in the experience he has gained over the last 20 years working daily with pencil and gouache on paper.

This is an open edition and offered for sale at:     US$3,000.00

Hi Everyone - 

I write this a week before Thanksgiving and I am feeling very grateful for the DYOP community and everyone I've met and worked with as a result of writing this book. 

I am especially happy how well our Drawing Bee has worked out at 9pm est every Tuesday night. We gather together via video chat and share a creative space. Michelle and Robert also host Drawing Bee's on other days and times. This is certainly an active place. 


The link for info and to join is: We use the free Zoom conferencing software. Everyone draws together. I give a prompt which you may follow or draw what you wish. You can show your work or keep it private. 

On weekday mornings at 11:30 est. Jenny has organized sitting meditation gatherings in the same zoom room. Just sitting for half an hour with a bell at the beginning and end. 

You can find out more by joining the private Facebook group 'DrawingYourOwnPath' 

I look forward to seeing and working with you.

And Thank You!



john f simon jr

November 15, 2018


John F. Simon Jr.’s is a multimedia artist and Software Art pioneer whose work and installations are found in the permanent collections of The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, and The Museum of Modern Art in New York, among others.  In 2011, he collaborated with Icelandic singer Björk to write an app for her album, Biophilia. Simon's newest publication, Drawing Your Own Path: 33 Practices at the Crossroads of Art and Meditation  will be released in November, 2016, by Parallax Press. Simon grew up in central Louisiana and currently lives and works in Sugar Loaf, New York.

As a professional artist, Simon's artworks are exhibited around the world and owned by many museums.  Images of these artworks and more exhibition information can be found on his website,

Since 2008 Simon has posted a daily drawing online as part of his drawing meditation and creative practice.  You can view today's drawing along with an archive of past posts on

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